Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Avery: Hey mommy guess what?

Mommy: What Buddy?

A: I voted at school today.

M: Oh?, Who did you vote for?

A: Some girl and Jerry Brown.

M: You did? Wow, why did you vote for Jerry Brown?

A: Well, because his name is Jerry. You know like Tom and Jerry. Oh and his last name is Brown which is a cool color.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Alyssa: Mommy you make the best pan cakes EVER! So does Nina.

Buddy: So does Mama, but she has a different flavor to hers.

Me: Oh, what flavor is that?

Buddy: She has a Scottish flavor to hers.

Monday, October 4, 2010

She's So BUSTED!

We were on our way home from SCP tonight when a Lady Gaga song came on the radio, then the conversation started.

Avery: Oh man did you hear Lady Gaga is so busted.

Ryan and I looked at each other obviously very perplexed. What the hell was he saying? First of all what does he know about Lady Gaga, second of all even if she was busted how would he know that.

Daddy: Buddy, what did you say? Who's busted.
Avery: (very smirky) Oh Lady Gaga, she is so busted.
Daddy: (only after we quietly giggled to each other) What do you mean, why is she busted, what did she do?
Avery: Oh I don't know but Joshua on the bus told me that she was busted.
Daddy: Well what did she do to get busted?
Avery: I don't know but what ever it was it must have been bad because she got busted.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 2

Although week 2 of first grade is almost wrapping up, week 1 definitely kept us on our toes. The privileges of first grade come with lots of great perks, you get to play on the big yard, get two recess breaks and of course that means that your day is longer too. So as Avery's day is longer that means that mommy and daddy need to remember that the bus will be here later.

Rigo was our fabulous bus driver last year, oh how I miss not having to worry about Avery. Jose is great but Rigo was like one of us on the bus, Avery new not to get out of line, we would know. Plus he would always remind us of anything bus time line related matters we need to know. That being said day one mommy was misinformed as to what time Avery was to be dropped off which left us frantic for about forty minutes. Dad waited for Avery who eventually showed up but only after he coached the bus driver as to where he needed to be dropped off. And that is not to mention I was on the phone with the school office being less than cool about the whole situation. I did eventually apologize to the secretary. But in my defense she could not tell me the bus drivers name, the man that was driving my child around.

Day 2: Went with out a hitch. WHEW.

Day 3: Well let's say we forgot it was a modified day. Tia Lety was suppose to pick him up from the bus stop but YET AGAIN Avery found him self problem solving. I was shocked that my precious little six year old would be allowed to leave the bus with no one to pick him up, but he was. Here is where this whole situation gets sticky. Avery is not a latch key kid so how is he suppose to get into the gated community we live in? Technically he needs two keys, one for the community door and one for the house door. Well Avery has always self proclaimed to be a genius and although he may not be a "genius" he sure is street smart. In his own words he apparently waited for a car to come in followed behind it and walked in before the gate closed. Once he got home he realized the front door was locked jumped over our back balcony and through the french doors. Just a note, I have a hard time jumping that balcony.

Day 4: Avery lost his second bottom tooth. But that night the tooth fairy forgot to come, putting us into Friday.

At this point I looked over to Daddy and said "I think we are now technically the worst parents ever!" He agreed.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yes, the title refers to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Avery asked me this morning, day 2, if he looked like the boys from Narnia. He wears a sweater vest and until now I had not thought of it, he either looks like the boys from Narnia or Mr. Rogers. Either way we can't go wrong. So I simply told him that, Yes! He did look like the boys from Narnia and he looked very handsome.

We are in the full swing of school, just landed on our feet, homework and everything. The kids were bathed and in bed by 8pm. Daddy and I were giddy at the silence, not that we don't love to answer twenty questions AT ONCE. But the thought of just the two of us able to sit and watch a baseball game, the end of it, or anything for that matter sounded really nice. Unfortunately for daddy as is life mommy was knocked out by 8:30pm.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer 2010

Mama, Daddy and Grammy
What seems like a summer that just started is now over. We started the summer with Avery at golf camp, Alyssa not knowing how to swim and the count down to tia Lety moving back home.
I can't say Avery's golf game is any good but Alyssa now knows how to swim, tia Lety is employed and home.
This summer made mommy, daddy and papa a year older and the kids learned that collecting bugs in a coffee can is not as easy as it sounds. Today is the official last day of summer and it is bitter sweet. We will get back into a crazy schedule and look forward to Grammy and Papa Neil coming out in October. Here is to Fall 2010!
Sea World San Diego